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In ancient Greece,a woman approached the great teacher Herodotus and asked, “When should I begin my 5-year-old child’s education?” He replied,” Madam, you are 5 years too late!”

Today, it is of paramount importance that parents work closely with teachers and staff for the maximum benefit of students. It is only when we work together in tandem with one other that our students will benefit the most while enjoying and valuing learning. They will then be able to align it with societal expectations for developing appropriate capabilities and evolving with a well- rounded perspective.

I am firmly of the view that every moment presents a learning opportunity. What is necessary is to bridge the gap between information, learning and education so that our students become proficient in the 21st century skills of Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Communication and Creativity.

Amity is committed to inspiring excellence in the students by providing each child with the best possible educational experience, backed by the latest research.