Message From The Chairperson— AGSG's

Education is the key to an empowered world, and education blended with virtues and bestowed with love is the pathway to creating a happy world. At Amity, we strive to equip young global citizens of tomorrow with 21st century skills that shall instill in them a scientific temper, global perspective, entrepreneurship and life skills, ethical leadership and humanitarian endeavours by introducing them to the knowledge from the world over. A blessed world without boundaries where learning and knowledge are imbibed in open environment to engage, explore & experiment seamlessly. A global world with oneness at the core, respect for diversities in the soul, and unity as the being.

I firmly believe in the Indian philosophy of ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam’, which means that the whole world is one big family. Here at Amity, every child is like my own child. I love and respect every member of our Amity Global family. I wish to enlighten the minds of the children with the light of knowledge, their souls with kindness, care and love for society and strong enough so as not be gullible, so that you grow up to be responsible and happy children. Happy children make for a happy family, a happy society, a happy country that will make for a happy and peaceful world.

Dr.(Mrs.) Amita Chauhan
Amity Group of Schools