Mustafa Ibrahim Khalid
Mustafa Ibrahim Khalid (class of 2016)

When I joined Amity Global School it was a huge change for me from a public school to a global school. To be honest I faced enormous problems at the start due to the language barrier. This was something that I couldn’t overcome alone, but with the help of all my dear teachers, friends and lots of hard work I managed to overcome that challenge. Moving on, during my time in the school I learned many things other than language, I learnt how to understand, respect, communicate and coordinate with others. Moreover, I learned how to be an inquirer and balanced towards commitments. I also developed my knowledge about world, how things are changing; in simpler words I learnt how to have global sentiment. The whole journey at AGS was a fine blend of knowledge, friendship and compassion. It was beautiful because of the new friends I made and the amazing set of teachers. Some of these nostalgic memories are the trip to Russia with my Odyssey of the Mind teammates and the school camps, which are going to stay with me for a life time.