Prakruiti Uday
Prakruiti Uday (class of 2016)

After 11 years of schooling in Kuala Lumpur, my first and only schooling experience in India was in Amity Global School. I joined the school as a shy and quiet child, but graduated as an outspoken, confident and responsible young adult. I have the amazing teachers at AGS to thank for shaping me into the person I am today. Their never-ending belief in my potential and relentless efforts to push me to do my best helped me hone my ability to be a critical thinker. The entire staff and student body at AGS is extremely supportive of each student’s endeavors, passions and interests and with their encouragement, I was an active participant in all events and competitions organized within AGS and beyond. My fondest memories include representing AGS in Russia during the EuroFest for a dramatics competition called Odyssey of the Mind and organizing student led initiatives like fundraising activities for the NGO Amitasha that provides an education to lesser privileged girl children in Delhi NCR. With the guidance of my teachers at AGS, I secured admissions into University of British Columbia, Imperial College of London and University College of London, amongst others. I am currently studying in Vancouver at UBC, and I always draw from my experiences at AGS, to help me overcome challenges. I’m proud to say that I’ve graduated from AGS as the school truly helped me develop into an inquisitive and independent thinker, that has not only helped me in university, but also in several professional fronts!