Tanvi Gupta
Tanvi Gupta

My journey at AGS was definitely one of the best schooling years. Those two years were full of
love, laughter, hope, stress but in the end, I am only left with gratitude for the lifelong friends I have
made, for the relationships I have built with my teachers, and for each and every experience I have
been through at AGS.
Two years ago, I was a self-conscious girl who wasn’t even aware of her own capabilities, but I am
grateful for the teachers who helped me find Myself. They provided me with opportunities to
showcase my capabilities and be communicative enough. So I took every opportunity that came my
way without worrying about the outcome. I still remember the day I became the Cultural Captain of
my school, totally unexpected and a dream come true moment. I never imagined myself as a leader
but there I was standing in front of the whole school as their Cultural Captain.
Today, I am a confident woman who knows that I can achieve anything and everything, capable
enough to find light even through the darkest times.