Guidelines for completing the Application Form:

  1. Complete all the necessary fields in the application form.
  2. If you require school transport services, kindly fill out the Transport Request form.
  3. Please make certain that all the required documents are attached to your application form:
    • Birth certificate or proof of date of birth
    • Previous report card
    • Passport copy
    • Stay Visa (for international students)
    • Copy of Aadhar card (of the child and both parents)
    • Residence proof
    • Immunization record (only for students till Grade 5)
    • Transport request form
    • Health record form

Application Form

Applicant's Information

Upload colored photo
Father's Details
Upload colored photo
Mother's Details
Upload colored photo
Siblings Details
Local Guardian's Details (if applicable)
Upload colored photo
Please specify a contact person for School related information like School trips, PTM, Exam results and fees:
Upload Adrress Proof



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